Heli ski on Southern Baikal

Hamar-Daban Mountain System

Standard groups: 4 guests / 1 year / up to 2 groups per helicopter

Number of descents per day: 8 - 12

Accommodation: recreation center "Tankhoy"

Height differences: from 500 m to 1000 m per descent

Nearest airport: Irkutsk

Ski area: landings up to 2300 m, alpine and forest zones

Private groups: 3 guests / 2 guides / 1 helicopter

Season: November - January

Heliski on Lake Baikal is dry and light snow, bright winter sun and stunning views of the deepest lake!

And also the Hamar-Daban mountain system with many wonderful descents and the most diverse terrain from classic alpine to forest skiing. Some call these mountains the Buryat Columbia.
Heli ski on Southern Baikal: prices and programs
5 hours of flight time
639.000 RUR per person for a standard group
1.200.000 RUR per person for a private group
4 hours of flight time
420.000 RUR per person for a standard group
750.000 RUR per person for a private group

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Dates of weekly programs on Southern Baikal 2022/2023
November 13 — November 19
November 20 — November 26
November 27 — December 3
December 4 — December 10
December 11 — December 17
December 18 — December 24
February 5 — February 12
January 2 — 7
January 8 — 14
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