Private group of 3 guests and 2 guides, new skiing areas, unique runs

2 hours 30 min of heli time / 200.000 RUR per person


You have already skated with us and you think that we have nothing to surprise you with … This is not so! The SAFARY program is for experienced heli-skiers who are ready to ride a lot and interestingly. In one day we will visit several mountainous regions of the Western Caucasus at once and in each of them we will make a series of the most interesting descents.


– private format

– 1 helicopter / 1 group of 3 guests

– additional security

– 2 guides per group

– only the best slopes in different mountain areas

– the opportunity to visit remote areas of skiing


Possible route options:

Krasnaya Polyana – the upper reaches of the Bolshaya Laba River – Arkhyz. The ski area is located 50 km east of Krasnaya Polyana and combines the best elements of skiing in the middle mountains and classic glacier slopes. We will make from 10 to 15 different slopes per day.

Krasnaya Polyana – Dombay. Transcaucasian route, the best slopes of the Western Caucasus. This is 120 kilometers of the Main Caucasian Ridge in the most skiing part of it! On the first day, we will traverse the Ridge from west to east and drive 10-15 wonderful descents before stopping for the night and refueling in Dombai. On the way back, we also choose the best slopes on the way to Krasnaya Polyana.

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

The package includes:

– 2.5 hours of flight time

– individual transfer to the helipad within the Krasnaya Polyana ski cluster

– water and lunch on board

– rent of avalanche equipment (ABS backpack, sensor, shovel, probe)

– work of two guides



– flight time in excess of 2.5 hours at the rate of 200,000 rubles per 1 flight hour per helicopter, tariffing is per minute 

– individual transfer to the helipad from Adler or Sochi

– medical insurance (we can help with registration)

– rental of ski or snowboard equipment for freeride (from 2500r)

Calculation of flight time from the moment the engine is started until it is turned off.

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi


To book the program, please send your application by sochi.heliski@gmail.com or contact us by phone +79388684868 (administrator).


In case of non-departure for reasons depending on the organizing company (shortage of clients in the group, unavailability of the helicopter, etc.), we guarantee, at the request of the client, an unconditional 100% refund.

In cases where the weather is predicted a day before the skiing date, in which safe flights and / or skiing are clearly impossible, the organizing company, in agreement with the clients, cancels the program and makes a 100% refund.


When activating the ABS system outside the situation of an avalanche threat, payment: 10,000 rubles.

Refunds are not made due to the impossibility of skiing for the following reasons:

– illness or injury received both before the start and during the period of the program;

– inability to ride due to fatigue;

– unwillingness or impossibility for the client to ski due to bad weather conditions or severe snow conditions (provided that safe skiing on that day is possible);

By the decision of the guide, a participant can be suspended from skiing if the level of his technical or physical fitness does not correspond to the level of the rest of the group – the participant significantly “slows down” the group, creates a danger for himself or other members of the group. In this case, the organizing company does not make any compensation.