One day private package

Private group / 3 guests and 2 guides / 2 hours of helitime / 830.000 RUR per helicopter 

Dates: from January 28, 2023 till March 12, 2023



– private format – 1 helicopter / 1 group of 3 guests

– additional safety – 2 guides per group

– only the best descents in different mountain areas

– the opportunity to visit remote ski areas and make the first descent in a new place!

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Skiing area: we will make some of the best runs in our main areas: Ah-Ag, Arbaika, Stone Treasure, Ancho, Seven Lakes, Bzyb Range. If the weather is available and the group is willing we will fly to Eastern Abkhazia with skiing on the Abkhaz Ridge up to the Kadorsky Gorge. The program also includes flying and skiing over the unique Ritsa Lake and overlooking the sea. Add a delicious lunch in the mountains or on the lake shore. And don’t forget that all of this in one day!

Private format – one helicopter – one group. 3 clients / 2 guides.

Heli time: 2 huors. Flight time calculation starts from the moment when the blades begin to rotate and ends with their stop. Billing per minute.

Tariffication: Extra flight time is paid based on the price of 260.000 RUR per hour per helicopter. Billing per minute.

Hihgland Abkhazia

The helipad is located in Abkhazia, a 10-minute drive from the Russian border in the Abaata Hotel. The transfer from Krasnaya Polyana to the helipad takes approximately 1 hour. From the Olympic Park 30 minutes.

We highly recommend you to stay at the Abaata Hotel  the night before skiing! This will allow us to fly to the mountains earlier, which is important, because in the mountains of Abkhazia the weather may go bad by noon, due to the proximity of the Black Sea. The hotel is very comfortable, there is a park on the territory, a heated pool, a bathhouse, a beach and a restaurant with European and national cuisine.

Passing the border usually takes 30-40 minutes. Foreigners, depending on their citizenship, may need a dual or multi-visa of Russian Federation, as well as a visa to Abkhazia (issued upon entry). Please contact us in advance to prepare all the necessary documents.42d114e1ae229d847b019417bdfdc00d

The price includes:

–  2 hours of flight time

–  transfer to Abkhazia from Krasnaya Polyana and back

–  breakfast before riding

–  lunch in the mountains, water on board

–  experienced guides

–  rent of avalanche equipment (ABS backpack, tranciever, probe, shovel).

Additional flight time: 260.000 RUR per 1 hour per person.

Hihgland Abkhazia


To book a program, please send your request by e-mail or contact us by phone +79388684868 (administrator).


We guarantee a 100% refund or transfer of the program to other dates in case of force majeure circumstances. These include natural disasters, civil unrest, epidemics, decisions of public authorities that make it impossible to carry out our program.

In case the ABS system is activated outside the situation of the avalanche danger the payment is 15.000 RUR.

The reason for non-departure can be: non-flying weather, high avalanche danger, administrative reasons that are not dependent on the organizing company (for example, a flight ban). In case that such circumstances became known before the departure to the mountains, but after the group arrived to the helipad, the heliski organizing company will charge compensation in the amount of 10.000 RUR per person.

Hihgland Abkhazia

In case of non-departure for the reasons, depending on the organizing company (shortage of customers in the group, helicopter unavailability, etc.), we guarantee, at the request of the customer, a 100% refund.

If the flight time was not fully used up due to inclement weather, a refund is made for unused flight time at the rate of 200.000 RUR per hour per helicopter with per-minute billing

Refunds are not made due to the inability to ski for the following reasons:
– illness or injury received both before and during the program;
– the impossibility of skiing due to fatigue;
– unwillingness or impossibility for the client to ride due to bad weather conditions or severe snow conditions (in the condition that safe skiing is possible on this day);

According to the decision of the guide, the participant can be removed from skiing if the level of his technical or physical training does not match the other group members – the participant significantly “slows down” the group, creates a danger to himself or other group members. In this case, the organizing company does not make any compensation.