One day safary


private group of 3 guests, exclusive descents, two guides per group

Weekdays: from 2h 30min of fying time/ from 2500 EUR per person

Weekends and holidays: from 3h of fying time/ from 3000 EUR per person


You have already skied with us and think that we have nothing to surprise you … That’s not it! The SAFARY program is specially made for experienced heliskiers who are ready to ride a lot and in interesting and remote locations. In a single day, we will visit several mountain regions of Abkhazia, and in each of the regions we will chose the most interesting descents.


– private format – 1 helicopter / 1 group of 3 guests

– additional safety – 2 guides per group

– only the best descents in different mountain areas

– the opportunity to visit remote ski areas and make the first descent in a new place!

Skiing area: we will make some of the best runs in our main areas: Ah-Ag, Arabica, Stone Treasure, Ancho, Seven Lakes, Bzyb Range. If the weather is available and the group is willing we will fly to Eastern Abkhazia with skiing on the Abkhaz Ridge up to the Kadorsky Gorge. The program also includes flying and skiing over the unique Ritsa Lake and overlooking the sea. Add a delicious lunch in the mountains or on the lake shore. And don’t forget that all of this in one day!

Private format – one helicopter – one group. 3 clients / 2 guides.

Minimum heli time: 2,5 huors of flying time in a weekdais and 3 hours of flying time in a weekends and holidays per group per day. Flight time calculation starts from the moment when the blades begin to rotate and ends with their stop. Billing per minute.

Tariffication: Extra flight time (more than 2.5 or 3 hours depending on the day) is paid based on the price of 2500 EUR per hour per helicopter. Billing per minute.

Refund:  If the group did not spend the paid minimum flight time (3 hours) for objective reasons (bad weather, high avalanche danger, technical problems, administrative prohibition, etc.), refund for unused flight time is calculated at the rate of 2000 EUR per hour per helicopter. If the group refused to continue skiing for reasons of a different nature – a refund is possible at a price of 1 hour = 1500 EUR per helicopter.

Possible routes:

Western ring. Ah-Ag, Stone Treasure, oz. Ritsa, Ancho, Seven Lakes, Bzyp Range, Arabica. The program is designed for 10-17 runs and 3-5 hours of flight time. Some areas can be ignored at the request of the group, weather or snow conditions.


Eastern Express. Transabkhazian route. We will visit all main mountain regions of Abkhazia from west to east, right up to the Kadorsky gorge. Stone treasure, Ancho, Bzip range, Chedym, Himsa, Atsgara and back through the Bzyp Range and Arabica. A very rich and bright route, designed for perfect weather, strong group, early start, 12-20 descents and 4-6 hours of flying time.