Sochi-Heliski on Kamchatka

Kamchatka is one of the best heli-region in the world! A vast riding zone allows people to enjoy diverse terrain and outstanding snow.



28.03.2020 – 04.04.2020

04.04.2020 – 11.04.2020 

Price: from 345000 RUR

Our heli-ski base Snow Valley is situated 2h 30m away from airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi in the picturesque Kamchatka forest. Directly at the base are several hot springs and beautiful views of Viluchinsky volcano.

The basic package includes accommodation in a hotel (double rooms).  Also you can stay in a separate comfortable cottages, wich can accommodate from 4 to 12 people. The cottages offers kitchen, cozy living room, some houses have a private swimming pool with thermal water.

The package includes three meals a day. Breakfast and dinner are waiting for you in the restaurant, and lunch with hot food in the mountains in between runs. By the way, one night we’ll have a “Crab party”, is also included in the tour price.

The region available for skiing in terms of our program is immense. It extends over 200 kilometers from the Hodutka volcano in the south up to the Bakening volcano in the north and contains several independent mountain chains. This makes skiing really diverse and grants an infinite amount of lines to choose from.

The highlight of heli-skiing on Kamchatka is definitely the runs you make from the volcanoes. The vertical drop here can reach 2000 meters in one run and can be as long as 10 kilometers. Boundless snow fields enable to enjoy the most high-speed runs possible in freeriding! We have no less than 10 volcanoes situated near our base which we will be actively using. An especially unforgettable run is the descent down a glacier into the crater of an active volcano Mutnovskyi.


The coast of the Pacific Ocean both north from our base (Shipunskyi peninsula) and south from our base (Vilyuchinskya and Russkaya bays) is rich with fiords. Even though, the runs here are shorter than those down the volcanoes: breathtaking scenery, interesting terrain and the opportunity to swim in the Pacific Ocean make skiing near the fiords probably the most memorable part of the trip.

Kamchatka is also rich with classic alpine terrain. Only three minutes from our base we have got not tall but really pleasant for skiing mountain ridges located near mount Vachkkajez. Here you can find all sorts of riding: steep gullies at the start, snow fields in the middle and nice forest areas in the bottom.


Ganalskyi ridge offers classic freeriding in the alpine zone of steep and high mountains. Spiky peaks, long couloirs, drop-offs on sharp ridges will not leave fans of “hardcore” skiing indifferent.

Sredynnyi ridge, which is the farthest from the sea (with its winds and high humidity), offers the best powder on Kamchatka! Terrain is completely various—endless amount of mountain circuses with all kinds of amazing runs and probably the best forest riding on the peninsula.


The basic program includes 8 hours of flight time. Time is calculated from the take-off to the landing of the helicopter. This time is usually used up in 3-4 full days. If the group wishes to continue skiing more than the paid 8 hours, it is required to pay 285 000 rubles per hour per group.

A normal heli-skiing day on Kamchatka looks like: 9 a.m. start to one of the regions. Then after 6-7 runs: a tasty lunch in a scenic place. And after we continue skiing. Normally in one day we accomplish around 9-10 runs, however if we refuel the helicopter we can make up to 15-16 runs per day. Depending on the region chosen for skiing we can visit a beach on one of the fiords or stop for swimming in one of the hot springs. Normally during a day of calm skiing on volcanoes a group can drop around 10 000 vertical meters. Though, it isn’t rare that strong groups managed to drop up to 20 000 and more vertical meters.


In case of unsuitable flying weather our guides are ready to organize the following activities for you: skiing on local ski resorts, a tour to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi, riding on snowmobiles or sled dog teams, picnic or fishing.

We will be flying on Mi-8 MTV helicopters: a powerful, tested by time machine, produced specifically for operating in the mountains. A group consists of 12 – 15 riders and 4 guides. This sort of arrangement allows, without reducing the amount of safety, straight after disembarkation to divide the group in two (7 people in each group). This saves time and gives more freedom in choosing the lines.

Our leading guides in this program are certificated skiing guides Alexander Mavrin and Maxim Anufrikov, they have a large amount of experience of working on Kamchatka and excellently know the mountains of the peninsula. The closing guides will be experienced guides from the Sochi-Heliski team.

To provide your safety all the participants of the program will obtain obligatory avalanche equipment: ABS- backpacks, transceivers, probes and shovels. Before setting off all the participants will be instructed about the behavior in the mountains and will pass practical avalanche safety trainings of finding a victim in an avalanche. Guides use radio-connection, guides and pilots always have satellite phones with them.


Saturday—arrival to Kamchatka (Elizovo airport) on a morning flight. Transfer to Snow Valley base. Meeting the guides and getting familiar with the program. Lunch. Safety instruction. Distribution of avalanche equipment. Practical trainings of finding a victim in an avalanche.

Sunday – Friday – 8 a.m.—breakfast. 9 a.m. heli-day (suitable for flying weather weather)/ alternative activities (not suitable for flying weather).

Saturday—transfer back to the airport and flying back to the “mainland” on a day’s flight.

For better acclimatization we recommend you to arrive to Kamchatka 1-2 days before the beginning of the program.

Price of the program: 345.000 RUR

– 8 hours of flight time. The flight time is calculated from the take-off until the landing of the helicopter.

– accommodation in the “Snow Valley” (7 nights) in double rooms (surcharge for a single occupancy number  is 24 000 rubles). If paid extra accommodation in private cottages is possible.

– breakfast and dinner in the hotel

– lunch in the mountains

– group transfer from the airport and to the airport

– avalanche equipment

– crab party

The price does not include:

– extra flight time

– personal expenses

– alternative activities during non-flight time and transfer to the place

– other expenses not mentioned in the program

The order of payment for the program.

To book a place in the group it is necessary to pay 50% of the price of the program. The rest of the money should be paid not later than 1 months before the beginning of the program.

Objectively not used up flight time (weather conditions, technical or administrative reasons for not flying) is compensated using the formula 235 000 rubles per group.