uiagmOur team assures to make your stay in the wild mountains as safe as possible. There will be at least one certificated RMGA guide (Russian Mountain Guide Association) or a UIAGM guide working with every group.

Every participant will obtain obligatory avalanche equipment (ABS backpacks, transceivers, shovels, probes). Before setting off the guides will instruct the participants of how to act on the slopes (avalanche safety training). Every helicopter is equipped with a first-aid kit which also has necessary equipment for transportation if injured. The connection between the guides, pilots and “earth” is obtained by using satellite phones.

Note: Russian Mountain Guide Association was formed in 2008. Its goals are to train and “form” Russian mountain guides according to the international standards. Canadian Mountain Guide Association specialists are engaged in tutoring and examining Russian specialists. They are greatly experienced in preparing and coaching skiing guides, and also have a prosperous heli-skiing industry.

Over the course of studying, the students attend and pass numerous and long-lasting courses which include an alpine course for ski guides, a first aid course, an avalanche course (after passing which, the future guides obtain a Canadian Avalanche Association Certificate), 2 ski-touring courses and a final examination course. These courses are controlled and done in accordance with the methods and requirements of the Canadian Association.

In spring 2015, the first skiing guide exam took place in Russia. The candidates have received a RMGA status. Four candidates passed the exams. All of them are now working in our Sochi-Heliski company (Alexandr Mavrin, Anna Khankevich, Maxim Anufrikov and Anna Khankevich).