8 runs+ freeride for 1400 €


General information:

  • Mi-8 helicopter
  • 10-12 people in one group
  • 2-3 guides per group (depending on the amount of people). At least one guide per group is a certificated RMGA (Russian Mountain Guide Association) English speaking guide with at least 5 years of heli experience or a UIAGM guide.

Requirements for the participants:

-absence of medical contraindications

-an acceptable level of skiing in deep snow (confident skiing without regular falling)

-a medium or high level of physical training

-skis or snowboard for freeriding (otherwise lacking equipment can be purchased in our rent for a special price)


1400 € per person for 8 runs in the neighboring region (north face of the Aibga ridge) or the distant region (Arkhyz, upper reaches of the Laba river)

Additional runs: 8500 rubles/ person ( in agreement with the rest of the group)

The price includes:

8 heli-ski runs, distribution of avalanche equipment (an ABS backpack, transceiver, shovel, probe), lunch in the mountains.

For the program to be accomplished: There must be at least 10 people in a group. Otherwise the company offers the clients to buy out the lacking places (pay extra) or guarantees to return 100% of the money.

Additional runs: are paid for on the spot. It is obligatory to have a minimum of 10 participants willing to continue skiing or to pay extra money for the missing participants. The decision about the amount of extra runs is also decided on the spot.

A minimum of runs ensured by the program is 8.

In case of the inability to accomplish all the negotiated runs the company will return the money for the unaccomplished runs.

How to book programs:

  • A place in the program is regarded as booked if 100% of the money is paid. Full payment must be accomplished not later than 30 days before the beginning of the program.
  • In case of refusal earlier than 30 days before the beginning of the program– 30% of the price is kept by the company
  • In case of refusal later than 30 days before the beginning of the program– 100% of the price is kept by the company
  • However! If the company manages to sell the place of the participant who has refused to another person for full price—no penalties will be charged independent on when he has refused.

Refund for the unaccomplished runs: 8000 rubles/ run. The reasons for cancelling the flights can be: unsuitable for flying weather, high risk of avalanches, administrative problems not caused within the company (such as flight denial). In this case, apart from returning the money (8000 rubles/run) we offer you to use the following services (for free):

  • Freeriding on the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana with our guides
  • Rental of all the necessary avalanche equipment
  • A lunch kit

In case of a cancelled flight due to administrative problems, having to do with the company (lack of the right amount of people, helicopter problems, etc.) our company guarantees to return 100% of the money, if asked.

The company does not return the money to its clients in the following cases:

  • If the client is sick or has obtained a trauma before or during the program
  • If the client claims to be tired
  • If the client does not want to ski due to bad weather or snow conditions (even though it is safe that day)

The guide has the right to dismiss a client if the client’s physical or technical level does not correspond to the level of the rest of the group (the participant severely slows down the group, or puts himself and the rest of the group at risk). In this case the company does not compensate the client’s expenses.

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